Sunday, December 5, 2010

6 Friends and Their Perfect Presents

Here's my little version of a gift guide. I might do a few more as the weeks to Christmas pass. This is pretty much what I plan to buy for my friends and secret Santas!

1. Gifts for your bookworm and Anglophile girlfriend:

UO Typewriter Initial Pendant Necklace


Lally Striped Rugby

2. Gift for Your History Buff Friend:

Official New York City Map and Station Guide, 1958 Print

3. Gift for Your Style Savvy Bohemian Friend:

 A cute beret and an scarf with an organic print, of course!

4. Gift for Your Girlfriend who Loves Tea:

Tea Lovers To Go Cup



5. Gift for Your Friend who is Secretly 65-Years-Old:

Recycled Cotton-Acrylic Blend Knit Tie

 6. A Gift for Anyone (or Your Secret Santa that You Didn't Know Before You Drew Their Name...)

Snow Globe Frame- $8

Ring Dish - $8



  1. I heart the to go tea cup! So cute and the ring dish is very practical. =)

  2. I just gave my friend the tea mug and she LOVED it!


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