Monday, December 20, 2010

Navy Blue Christmas

I was feeling pretty blue about the holidays back in NYC, but yesterday I hopped on a plane and landed in sunny NM! I'm so glad to be done with school. One of the best things about college is that once the semester is over, you're free as a bird. Free I am. Free to post outfits I wore weeks ago. Free to be guilt-free about blogging at all.

Outfits, yes. Last week during finals I think I wore variations of the same outfit for seven or eight days. It's definitely time to get back into the swing of things!

Here's something I wore before finals took over my life. I love this dress. White can be so tricky, but the navy stripes make this dress a little easier to work with, especially for winter.

Dress from H and M, tights from Banana Republic, shoes from Gianni Bini

 And here's my new(ish) coat. I will never tire of this navy coat. And look at how it gives this outfit a little different spin! It's definitely a good match. I feel like this coat makes every outfit better!

 See? I love it. You can tell.

Hope you all are warm, inside, and enjoying time with family! I will be doing the same! 


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