Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Love: Orange

Summer time is great for so many reasons: the weather, the dresses, the shoes. Come on! Aside from the stifling heat where I live, the getting is generally pretty good in the summer.

My uniform of choice is usually a sundress and wedge sandal combination.  Why complicate things with scarfs, jewelry, and belts, when simplicity does the trick?

Sorry for the many pictures, but I love the lighting. And I paid for it because it was over 100 degrees when I was taking these photos.

But down to business: I got this dress at Target for less than $10. Sometimes it amazes me that people can't see the possibility in a simple cut and a fun print. But, then again, how on Earth would we ever score great sales on underdog pieces?

The shoes are from Payless, which I think I scored as a part of their famous BOGO sales. I've never really considered Payless as a shoe option, but I've really liked and enjoyed wearing some of their shoes over the past few years. They wear pretty well!

 I had to include this last one as a blooper because I almost fell while trying to take it. I'm surprised I'm still smiling in this photo. But after all it is summer and that's something to smile about.


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