Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I never go online and look at items I can't (by any means) afford. It's absolute torture to do that. I limit myself to salivating over expensive wears at work and on magazine pages. Beyond that I try to stick with sites and items that fit in my budget.

So naturally, when I visited Saks.com to check out which of this season's fantastic Miu Miu's would make it to retail, I had to pick some favorites.

 A version of this shoe have been all over the glossies. I particularly love this version. Bows and sequins are irresistible to me.
 These are simple, everyday kind of pumps. If you don't mind shiny shoes during the day, that is...

These are Prada and are pretty much the perfect fall shoe. Classic black and a chic touch of leopard. I would wear these out, if I could get my hands on them!

What items are you lusting after for fall?


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