Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White Out

I wish I hadn't taken such a long hiatus from blogging. But I'm sure as most bloggers know that once you stop, it's really hard to jump back into it again. Somehow I made my way back, though.

Summer is always the season of white and I've been spotting some excellent white duds lately.

Take Mrs. Obama in white Alexander Wang (a designer I now hold dear to my heart after spending six months working with the American fashion market).

It's really a stunning gown, especially paired with some regal, long gloves. I'm not the First Lady's biggest fan fashion-wise, but I'm not afraid to call out a great ensemble.

After the royal wedding, I was pretty convinced that hats are just about the worst accessory in existence. Then I saw the new Duchess of Cambridge sporting a fantastic tan, beret-style hat by Phillip Treacy. Chic! Paired with a beautiful Reiss dress and jacket by Nessie. UK fashion brands are definitely starting to peak my interest.

I have a HUGE girl crush on J.Lo. I think she is the bees-knees. It's white. It's Monroe-esque. It's classic with a modern twist. It's a perfect match with the hair and shoes. It's genius.

I'm a firm believer that everyone should rock a white Marilyn Monroe style dress straight out of The Seven Year Itch once in their life.

If only but to spin in it!

I'm back readers and it's summer time! Can you feel the heat, yet?


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  1. Way to do the Marylin! Love the dress :-)

    I'll be honest - as much as I like it, all-white scares me. I'd be totally paranoid and freaked out about stains. (Not a very ladylike confession, is it? ;-))


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