Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Wish

I'm backdating this post because it's been waiting to be posted since before the holidays.

It's my wishlist for Christmas! Thankfully, I got my wishes granted!

This J Crew sequined tee was an item I've been coveting for a long time. A chic, sparkly, classic piece is important for any wardrobe.

My glitter obsession has really hit a stride, but after a season of black what could be more fun than some sparkly pumps?

I always need more winter dresses. In the cold months my wardrobe is consumed with wool skirts and warm tights. It's my uniform. This J Crew drop-waist dress was too cute to resist.

I first smelled this fragrance in an issue of Marie Claire. My mom always gets us a perfume for Christmas and I knew I needed it! Of course it was sold out everywhere, but I finally found my very own. I love it. Candy!

One of the editors I worked with got some black velvet slippers as a gift. Since then, I have been looking for a pair of my own. Why not in bright pink?

This J. Crew factory skirt was too bright and sweet to resist! Perfect for the season!

This was a surprise my mom got me. We admired these vintage reissue Fossil bags in the store months before, but I didn't think to ask for one. I love the one she got me. I can't wait to take it to class!

I hope you got everything on your list!


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  1. hi, can you please tell me what brand those slippers are?
    thank you!


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