Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wishin' and Hopin'

And prayin' for some spring weather. If you live in the northeast, you know it's not warming up here, yet. I guess we didn't get the 60 degree plus memo.

I'm waiting here with baited breath. Not to jinx the process, but I bought a new summer dress (or three... but who's counting?) and, though I don't even have great shoes to wear it with, I decided to play dress up. Ultimately, it was super cute and ended up being a huge disappointment because I can't wear it anytime soon...

Well, I guess I can't wear it outside anytime soon, but I can wear it inside anytime I like. Right? I'll just have to settle for that for now. How sad is that?!

 The dress is (GASP!) Hollister, worn with a very old bow belt, and UO t-strap heels.

Summer/Spring, I will be ready for you when you get here! So get here!


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